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As a leading Internet merchant account provider, Regal can help you with every aspect of your getting your business ready to accept revenue online. Merchant accounts have become the essential part of doing business on the Internet. In addition to increasing the number of potential customers for your business, the ability to accept credit cards online allows you to facilitate large transactions and accept international currencies. Whether you are looking to expand your store front with an e-commerce solution or planning to start an online business, let Regal be your provider


There are many locations that do well with ATM’s and each can be looked at on a one by one basis. If you are having customers ask you, “Is there an ATM near here?” then maybe you should be in a position to reply, “Yes, here in my store.”
An ATM has many benefits to a business owner in many establishments. Some of these benefits are:
  • Revenue stream for your business
  • Customers often spend more if they have access to cash
  • More customers paying you with cash
  • Customers never have to leave your business in search of cash
Some businesses that do well with an ATM:
  • Gas Stations
  • Golf Courses
  • Liquor Store
  • Ski Slope
  • Bar
  • Amusement Park


Hypercom Optimum T4220
Hypercom T7 Plus
Verifone VX510
Verifone VX570
Verifone VX610
 Verifone VX670
Tranx 1705
Verifone VX 3750
Hyusong 1500
* Merchant accounts are referred to and processing services provided by International Bancard Corporation, a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC bank USA, national association Buffalo NY.

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There are 3 options to receive an ATM:

Option 1 - Purchase

An ATM can be purchased for $1995 brand new through Regal. The business who now owns the ATM loads the cash and will set the surcharge amount and make the full surcharge.

Option 2 - Merchant Filled Placement

An ATM is put in a location for free and the merchant keeps it loaded with cash. Typically the merchant receives half the surcharge.

Option 3 - Full Service Placement

An ATM is put in a location for free and Regal with keep it stocked with cash. The merchant has no responsibility for this machine. Depending on the location the merchant will receive a portion of the surcharge.